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Cherokee is committed to making the world a better place now – and for future generations. We support social, environmental and economic development initiatives and pledge a portion of our profits to Cherokee Gives Back, our charitable outreach program and foundation. Over the years, we have funded or helped raise an estimated $28 million for nonprofit and community-based initiatives. We believe our values – community service, compassion and social accountability – are directly tied to our broader business practices and make Cherokee a better investor, partner and employer.

The foundation is active around the globe and takes a holistic approach that focuses on several key program areas, including: Health, Blighted Real Estate, Job Creation, Poverty Relief, Education, and Orphan Care and Adoption.

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Gives Back Team

Sam Whitt - Executive Director, Cherokee Gives Back
Lyston Peebles - Managing Director, Cherokee Gives Back
Kim Shaw - Program Coordinator, Cherokee Gives Back